Goodness Activated Across The Capital With Abu Dhabi Awards

Abu Dhabi Awards

The Abu Dhabi Awards is an initiative taken by the government in order to exercise a venture to honor the unsung heroes, who have brought enlightenment to the community of Abu Dhabi, and have been playing a large part in helping others.

Held under the patronage and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, the awards are reminiscing about the citizen and residents of the UAE to come forward with the nominations: certified as the emirate’s highest civilian honor.

The Abu Dhabi Awards are boundless of any age limit, gender, nationality and place of residency. The criteria for the nominees are subjected to have a positive contribution towards the emirates and community of Abu Dhabi. The deadline for this year’s nomination closes on 31st December.

Abu Dhabi Awards

This year’s awards campaign is set to signify goodness across the emirates, boosting the power of good deeds in order to have a game-changing effect on others. It is merely an attempt of indulging others within the community to play a significant towards the act of kindness.

This year’s award reflects a series of community events and initiatives, examples in this respect are: community development, social responsibility and environmental awareness.

This year’s nominations have been made easier than ever – simply by visiting the Abu Dhabi Awards website, where you can submit your nomination virtually at any time.

Speaking at the launch of this year’s edition, Eisa Al Subousi, member of the Abu Dhabi Awards Organizing Committee, said: “After nine editions, we are excited to be adopting a totally new approach for what will no doubt be a very unique 10th cycle of the Abu Dhabi Awards this year.

With an engaging programme of events lined up to activate goodness across the emirate, we earnestly look forward to empowering citizens and residents with the opportunity to give back to their communities – something that couldn’t be more fitting of the spirit of the Awards.”

Since its dawn, the Abu Dhabi Awards have successfully acknowledged 80 unsung heroes; these heroes belong to different nationalities, they have marked a positive impact on society in the emirate.

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أطيب التهاني لسعادة إبراهيم العابد الذي أسهم في وضع اللبنة الأساسية للإعلام الإماراتي وتطويره سعادة إبراهيم عبد الرحمن العابد، مستشار رئيس المجلس الوطني للإعلام حاليًا، هو أحد أبرز رموز الإعلام الإماراتي، والذي أسهم بعطاءاته في وضع اللبنة الأساسية له وتطويره ليصل لما هو عليه اليوم. تولى العابد مهمة تأسيس وكالة أنباء الإمارات في 1977 وإدارتها، وكان لتفانيه على مدى الأربع عقود الماضية دور فعال ساهم من خلاله في تعزيز سمعة الدولة ونشر صورة إيجابية لها محليًا واقليميًا ودولياً. كما أسهم وبشكل كبير في عملية استقطاب وبناء كوادر وطنية إعلامية معطاءة، وهو اليوم معلمًا ومرجعًا لأجيال ما زالت تستفيد من خبرته الواسعة Congratulations to His Excellency Ibrahim Al Abed who contributed to building the foundation of UAE media and supported its development. Dr. Al Abed is the Founder, and until last year, the Director General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM). established in 1977, the multi-lingual news agency acts as the official source of UAE news globally. Under his leadership, WAM earned multiple accolades and continued success. His tireless dedication throughout the past four decades played a major role in preserving, promoting and enhancing the image of the United Arab Emirates locally, regionally and internationally. Al Abed continues to be an invaluable mentor and a resource to generations who benefit from his support and extensive experience.

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The awards have accumulated no less than a quarter of a million nominations, representing 135 nationalities.

The former awards recipients have done valuable contributions towards the community, spreading over a myriad of fields such as medical research, lifetime achievements, overseas humanitarian relief, besides persuasively preserving the UAE and Abu Dhabi’s heritage.

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