This Is What We Are Missing About Abu Dhabi Right Now

Abu Dhabi Borders

Soon we’ll be able to go back out to rediscover the very best of what the UAE’s capital city, Abu Dhabi has to offer, but until then let us remind you.

The pandemic has kept use safely indoors and we’re not complaining about that. But as Dubai begins to reopen and hotel facilities about to open their doors again (we can’t wait) here in the capital in the next few days, we decided to have a look at just some of the things (there are loads more of course) that makes the capital great and why we love it.

Home of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Sheikh Zayed

There’s a debate raging about whether the UAE’s founding father was born in the city of Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. But both places are in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi anyway and it can’t be denied that Sheikh Zayed spent most of his years residing in the capital. And when he assumed the presidency on 2nd December 1971, Abu Dhabi became the official seat of power for the newly formed United Arab Emirates.

Its history

Christian Site on Sir Baniyas Island

Constant archaeological digs in the capital mean that we’re constantly learning more and about the emirate’s rich past. And when we say PAST, we mean the distant past and more again. Archeologists have been digging away for years and digging the years away… all the way back to the Bronze Age or around the period of 3200 to 2600 BC when evidence of early settlers have materialised.

Qasr Al Hosn.
Qasr Al Hosn

Today, the capital is a huge supporter of art and civilisation through its growing number of cultural venues. Want proof? The city is home to Louvre AbuDhabi – the only Louvre Museum located outside Paris, France ­– for one, then there’s Qasr Al Hosn (see photo above), among many other sites showcasing Abu Dhabi’s rich past.

Super Nature

Abu Dhabi's Stunning Mangrove
Mangrove Walk

Oh it’s green, baby, it’s green!  Yes, the climate dictates that Abu Dhabi should be all dessert, and in parts it is. But the rest is as green as old England…well, almost! Abu Dhabi has loads of lush green natural spots, many of which support biodiversity. There’s the recently opened Mangrove Walk  with diverse ecosystems where trees, birds and marine life coexist. Plus Al Ain, the Garden so called (can’t get any greener than that), is located in the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi.

The Skyline

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Aerial View
Aerial View of Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Okay, lots of us can see this from our window but I am sure you miss driving and walking past some of the city’s iconic buildings. There’s the ethereal Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, not to mention the outstanding Emirates Palace. Also on the list are Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi (formerly Hyatt Capital Gate) and Sheikh Zayed Bridge, among many others.

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