What Makes Abu Dhabi One Of The Top 10 Cities In The World

Abu Dhabi
The capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi,  jumped 13 places in a few days on account of the noticeable strides in innovation, economics and long-term investments.

The Global Cities Index ranks the cities based on visitor feedback, country progressions, developments and contributions in various industries. It is also an indicator of the prospects of the country and the quality of life in it.

The entrepreneurial spirit in the UAE and the successful business options and ventures are a vital factor in boosting the capital’s score on the list alongside areas of economics. People have determined that investing in the capital would be lucrative and beneficial.

“While the full ramifications of the pandemic will only be understood in the coming months and years, it has shattered the status quo, revealing new challenges and opportunities for city leaders,” said Rudolph Lohmeyer, partner, National Transformations Institute, Kearney Middle East.

“What is already abundantly clear in the emerging reality is that previous status will not be enough to secure continued global prominence. Instead, city leaders will need to make strategic choices and investments, which are likely to look very different from years past, if they are to emerge stronger and more resilient,” said Lohmeyer.

“As cities prepare for life after Covid-19, the report provides a snapshot of where they stood as they entered the crisis – a recent, but very different, past. This year’s results can be used as a reference point by city leaders to assess where they have come from as they prepare for a future of unknowns,” said Antoine Nasr, partner, Government Practice Leader, Kearney Middle East.

This is definitely a reassuring sign to not just the residents but also the authorities that UAE has been making all the right moves this year which has been evident in the way the outbreak has been contained.

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