Abu Dhabi Police: Hefty penalty for jumping red lights in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Police fines
Motorists in Abu Dhabi, beware of traffic violations!

Abu Dhabi Police has taken safety on roads one step further. Motorists have been cautioned yet again about the strict penalty for jumping red lights and traffic violation.

AED 51,000 and 12 black points are added to the traffic record, the Abu Dhabi Police specified on social media platforms. Not only that, you vehicle will be impounded too for 30 days. To release, an additional sum of Dh 50,000 have to be paid within 3 months. You wouldn’t want your vehicle to be auctioned off instead!

Detailed description for this strict penalty is mentioned under Law no. 5 of 2020. Abu Dhabi Police has zero chill for reckless drivers, drivers without valid license plates, unauthorized car races that endangers lives.


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