Abu Dhabi Police: Dressed To Serve The People Of UAE

Abu Dhabi Police
You will see Abu Dhabi Police in action with their new uniforms starting 01st January 2021.

The Abu Dhabi Police are all set to revamp their wardrobe to rebrand themselves starting 2021. They are now a body distinct from the ministry of interior, and Abu Dhabi Police are getting ready to celebrate the 60th anniversary with three sets of uniforms.

The Major General Khalifa Al Khaili, the Director of finance and services at Abu Dhabi Police said: “There will be three different colour navy blue, greyish blue and black uniforms for administrative, field officers, and ceremonial functions”. They have to wear their new uniforms from January 2021 onwards. In addition to this, there are five designs of uniforms along with brown beret and beige shoes for field patrol officers and General command members.

Both the genders can wear the same uniform at the administrative level. The ceremonial uniform should be worn only during specific official occasions, and ceremonies and the field officers have their uniform distinct from the other two roles. Women will wear a slate grey jacket with skirt or trousers and a blue beret and black shoes.

From time to time, they adapt themselves to serve the people of the UAE. To serve better during the outbreak of Pandemic, they wore new thermal scanning hedge gear that uses Artificial Intelligence to check the body temperature of multiple people at a time. Their next initiative is to use adaptive robots and vehicles to assist them with the National Disinfection Programme.


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