ADIHEX, What To Expect At This Years Event


From showcasing hunting weapons to putting the spotlight on animals essential for desert survival to rekindling ancient Bedouin lifestyle – ADIHEX has become the go-to event for those wanting to immerse in genuine Emirati traditions.

Now in its 17th year, ADIHEX 2019 will take place from 27th to 31st August at ADNEC with the theme of ‘Sustainable Hunting’.

We take a look at some of the highlights for this year’s edition of the annual event…

  • The event will showcase a series of fun shows featuring animals. Watch out for the Tropical Birds and Raptor Show presented by Al Ain Zoo, K9 dogs demo, horse and pony riding session for kids and adults, falconry and dog show.
  • The camel and falcon auction will be staged daily throughout the event. Bidders are required to place AED 2,000 for registration to be given back if the participant decides not to place a bid.
  • The winners of the Al Nabati Poetry Competition will be announced on the second to last day of the event. Talented poets will take home AED 5,000 for each category.
  • Check out the Heritage Village to for a mini desert safari experience. See live saluki dogs, camels, horses and falcons. Chill out at the seating areas or enjoy activities such as Arabic coffee making, henna tattoos, basket weaving and more.
  • One of the coolest attractions is the Virtual Reality Experience featuring virtual reality technology where guests (donning VR glasses) will be taken to the beach and desert while riding a horse – how cool is that?
  • Kids will enjoy the Treasure Hunt activity where curious little ones will be fed with trivia and information about the wildlife and caring for the environment.
  • Have kids in tow? Bring them to the Bright Kids Educational Corner and see them jump from one activity to another. Toddlers are free to explore the reading corner, face paint and tattoos, puppet theatre, photo booth and arts and crafts.
  • If you’re looking for intelligent discussions, then go ahead and attend the open talk discussions touching on the topics of combating illegal animal trade and sustainable hunting practices in today’s time.
  • Cloud 9 Pet Hotel and Care is hosting pet matching activities for those looking to adopt cute and furry felines and canines.
  • In love with Japanese culture? Good news, the Travel the World at ADIHEX will feature Far East traditions with experiences such as kimono and tea ceremony, origami, calligraphy and Japanese arts and crafts.
  • Ardent and aspiring hunters can purchase items to use for their hobby. Sellers from all over the world will be in attendance and can even share valuable tips to buyers and hobbyists.
  • Make sure to see Gymkhana, an equestrian event that involves horseback riding games and pattern racing. Gymkana is designed for beginners, children and people of determination. It’s worth noting that Gymkhana applies the concept of hippo-therapy – a type of therapeutic horse therapy that aims to improve balance, coordination and strength.

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