Al Ain Zoo Unveils Exciting Educational Programs for Students

Al Ain Zoo

Programs Available in English and Arabic languages

As the new school year commences, Al Ain Zoo is gearing up to welcome students with an array of engaging educational programs. These programs are thoughtfully curated to offer students of all ages a captivating and interactive learning experience, fostering a deeper understanding of conservation-related topics.

Conducted by a team of proficient educators, these programs seamlessly blend knowledge enrichment with fun and innovation. Al Ain Zoo’s educational programs cater to students from diverse age groups, with options available in both Arabic and English. These programs align with educational curricula and cover various subjects, empowering students with scientific knowledge while promoting environmentally responsible behavior.

The zoo presents a range of student-oriented initiatives, including free 30-minute virtual sessions hosted on the Microsoft Teams platform. These sessions facilitate visual interactions between students, educators, and their peers, offering insights into the zoo’s educational offerings and the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre.

Additionally, Al Ain Zoo provides awareness programs, environmental research services, heritage programs, safari excursions, and educational camps. Through these initiatives, Al Ain Zoo endeavors to enhance community awareness, particularly among students and young individuals. The focus is on highlighting the significance of conservation, wildlife protection, and supporting endangered species. These efforts align with the goals of the UAE Year of Sustainability 2023.

Join Al Ain Zoo on an educational journey that fosters a love for wildlife and environmental stewardship among today’s youth.”


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