SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi Welcomes Guests to an Icy Adventure

Prepare for a frosty adventure like no other

Get Up Close with Penguins

Prepare for a frosty adventure like no other at SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi, the region’s first Marine Life Theme Park, as it introduces visitors to the frigid wonders of Antarctica!

In this extraordinary realm, penguins take center stage, featuring six captivating species: King, Gentoo, Rockhopper, Chinstrap, Macaroni, and Adelie penguins, all poised to enchant guests of every age.

SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi

From the majestic presence of King penguins to the unique charm of the Macaroni penguins, visitors have the extraordinary opportunity to observe and gain deeper insights into these incredible creatures up close.

What’s more, they can experience the icy climate of Antarctica, perfectly recreated to mimic the coldest region on our planet, where penguins reign supreme.

SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi

The well-being of SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi’s Antarctic ambassadors is of utmost importance. A dedicated team of zoological experts ensures that the habitat maintains an air temperature of a chilly 1°C and water temperature at a crisp 7°C, creating an ideal environment for the penguins.

To further enhance their welfare, SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi has implemented the Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS), which replicates the seasonal changes of Antarctica. This sophisticated approach guarantees the penguins’ well-being throughout the year, be it during molting seasons, nesting periods, or any day.

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