Workshops And Events To Watch Out For At Al Qattara Arts Centre In Al Ain!

Al Qattara Arts Centre
This December, the Department of Culture and Tourism, Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has introduced a new series of virtual events and workshops, as part of the Al Ain Cultural Programme.

Held at Al Qattara Arts Centre in Al Ain, the activities will be made available online, keeping in line with government safety guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19.  The programme will feature a range of activities focusing on heritage, art and culture, to engage and enrich the community.

Happening at Al Qattara Arts Centre
  • Al Qattara Arts Centre offers a series of artistic workshops and courses that people of all ages can enjoy, giving arts enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative arts scene.  Courses will be held monthly, Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • Local artists working at Al Qattara Art Centre have volunteered their time to teach the basics of painting and decoupage, as well as giving piano and voice lessons.
  • The centre will also host an ‘Introduction to Singing’, teaching the five basic components of singing, including pitch, breathing, rhythm, diction and voice.
  • In addition, Al Qattara Arts Centre will host an introductory course on music theory and history, enabling students to develop observational skills and a deeper understanding of music style and structure.
  • As part of this programme, there is the opportunity to register for a one-to-one piano course, available for players of all ages and levels.
  • The centre will offer a workshop on ‘Oil Painting Techniques’, exploring the technical skills practiced by art history’s greatest masters.  Lessons will touch on light and shadow, colour theory and values, drawing with paint, creating form and space, paint application and creating balance and harmony.
  • Students will also be able to learn the craft of decoupage, using materials available at home to create new art objects.

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing!


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