Its All Bright And Sunny At This Mall In Abu Dhabi

Bright and Sunny At Al Wahda Mall

You might be wondering why there are many sunflowers in Al Wahda Mall as of late.

Well, the popular mall is embracing the summer season with a vibrant sunflower farm theme to brighten up visitors day.

Bright and Sunny at Al wahda Mall Abu Dhabi

The vibrant installation actually tells a story, according to Navaneeth Sudhakaran, the mall’s general manager.

“Visitors will come across the storyline of the Tree Folk King running the sunflower farm and vintage planes parked on the farm to transport and distribute the sunflowers to different locations.

Bright and Sunny at Al Wahda Mall

“The Tree Folk King welcomes the mall guests to his farm speaking and singing for them while a dancing Sunflower from the farm leaves the kids absolutely amazed.”

With a great mix of retail stores ranging from fashion, jewellery, electronics, beauty and food outlets, and more, Al Wahda Mall is one of the popular and busy shopping complex in the capital.


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