Internationally renowned Barry’s studio opens in Abu Dhabi

Barry's Studio
The brand new studio will feature the Red Room and Flex Lounge

For the first time in Abu Dhabi and the fourth Barry’s studio in the UAE to open in the capital. The brand new Abu Dhabi studio features both the Red Room and Flex Lounge.

Barry’s is not only a fitness leader but a community and lifestyle. Barry’s is internationally renowned and lauded by celebrities. The high intensity studio will launch its first Abu Dhabi branch at The Galleria Al Maryah Island.

Barry's Studio

Clients can enroll in the Red Room for the traditional HIIT workout, alternating between the treadmill and the floor.

The holistic focus on the body, dedicating a day for a specific body part or body movements makes the Red Room Barry’s signature space.

For a more strength based workout, Barry’s LIFT class is designed to compliment the work done in the original Red Room building muscle mass and concentrating on form. The 50 minutes class, LIFT is entirely different from a standard Barry’s class.

Classes will run 7 days a week in both rooms and throughout the day. Among other classes offers include ladies only classes, themed classes, live DJ classes, team teaches, challenges and more.

The studio is not only renowned for its killer workout and community vibes, but also for its luxurious changing rooms and shower facilities featuring ORIBE products.

To know more visit or call 02-5820755


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