Biggest Cinema Screen Coming Soon To Abu Dhabi

Biggest Cinema Screen

The capital will soon unveil biggest and extraordinary cinematic experience.

Set to open late next year is Abu Dhabi’s largest cinema screen. The 26-metre wide screen will be part of the CityMAX theatre at the waterfront leisure spot Al Qana.

The modern cinema complex will be designed with 15 cinema screens and state-of-the-art visual and surround systems.

Furthermore, the facility will feature three high-end VIP cinemas with private lounges and a Presidential Theatre with cutting edge laser projection, Dolby ATMOS technology and butler service.

CityMAX can accommodate up to 2,000 viewers simultaneously across all its theatres.

What’s more, it will be built with features that are disabled friendly and suited for people of determination.

“There’s a strong cinema culture in the UAE that has been an integral part of our community life for decades,” said Fouad Mashal, CEO of Al Barakah Investment and developer of Al Qana.

“It [CityMAX] will be a biggest cinema and an impressive stand-alone experience that contributes to the exceptional, world-class destination we are introducing to the heart of Abu Dhabi in Q4 2020.”

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