Green Taxis Make Their Presence Felt

Green Taxis

Green taxis in the city continues to accelerate according to the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC).

Latest data from ITC shows that 85 percent of Abu Dhabi’s taxi fleet is now made up of hybrid vehicle models.

A total of 1,308 new hybrid taxis have been introduced in Abu Dhabi roads this year, bringing the total number of city cabs to 6,400.

These hybrid vehicles are made to run using petrol and electricity for more efficient and green results.

The ITC also reveals that more than 68 million passengers used Abu Dhabi taxis this year, which is equivalent to 38 million journeys.

Taxi bookings via smartphone apps are also on the rise, accounting to 551,000 of requests made compared to only 204,683 booking made via the contact centre.

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