Modern Mini Buses Will Boost Public Transportation This October

Modern Mini Buses

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) will launch 40 new mini buses on 11th October to boost public transportation in and around Abu Dhabi.

These buses can accommodate up to 25 passengers and designed with smart card payment systems, CCTV cameras and features for people with disabilities.

The addition of these buses is expected to enhance commuting experience in the city and improve connectivity between various areas in the emirate.

“The new buses support ITC’s plan to enhance public transport service network just before the implementation of the toll gate system in Abu Dhabi on 15th October,” said Ateeq Mohammed Al Mazrouei, operations director, public transport sector at ITC.

“ITC will increase the number of daily services offered as 147 bus trips will be added to the bus network on the main bridges connecting Abu Dhabi Island.”

He continued: “Of these additional bus trips, 124 were added during peak hours which will make travelling by public transport easier.

“The new step will help reduce the number of private vehicles entering Abu Dhabi City and reduce traffic congestion.”

A plan is also in place to launch 327 new buses over the next two years to replace the existing fleet, a project that would cost AED 473 million according to the ITC.


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