Love oysters? Experience the oyster tasting with Catch at St. Regis

Catch at St. Regis
Flavours of the ocean is waiting for you

If you love oysters, head to the most picturesque seafood restaurant, Catch at St. Regis. This award winning restaurant has a great location on the corniche overlooking the beach. An exceptionally special experience that combines fresh oysters with a series of distinct and delicate flavours.

Catch at St. Regis have incorporated rare and wonderful varieties of oysters sourced from the Arabian Gulf and across the globe. Flavours of the Ocean tasting journey showcases how the iconic shellfish can be enhanced with citrusy, salt, spicy and fruity seasonings.

A superb selection of wild oysters including the ones from Dibba Bay in Fujairah. Enjoy a celebratory glass of bubbles which accompanies well with the oysters. Seafood experts are going to be delighted right from the start to finish.

To conclude the journey with an uplifting experience, relish their handmade Bloody Mary juice. The fabulous palate cleanser is made using juicy red tomatoes of the finest quality. The Bloody Mary is specially crafted to offer the most blissful end to the relaxing evening.

The Flavours of the Ocean includes four oysters and one glass of bubbly for AED 130 per person. Daily until the end of October from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

For reservations call 02-6944553 or email: [email protected]


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