Love seafood? The best crabs and curries at St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

Crabs and Curries
For the love of seafood, you shouldn’t miss this one!

Do you fancy an innovative and creative South Asian restaurant? Sontaya, Abu Dhabi’s most interesting Southeast Asian Restaurant, is inviting guests to savour the best crabs and curries dishes from across the region.

Served alongside the already extensive range of à la carte delicacies, the Crabs & Curries menu stars an exceptional selection of tempting and flavorsome creations.

Crabs and Curries

Starring in the crab section, shellfish fans can delight in expertly crafted recipes like fried soft-shell crab with citrus butter, baked mud crab with vermicelli, blue crab yellow curry and wok-fried crab.

More delicious main courses can also be found in the choice of curries, with each specialty showcasing the best aromatic spice combinations and traditional cooking techniques of South East Asian cuisine.

Diners are presented with a choice of meat and seafood dishes, including tiger prawn choo chee, king fish in dry red curry, esaan chicken curry and Indonesian wagyu beef short ribs curry.

Do not miss out on the extensive range of flavours! Served à la carte and available exclusively until 31st August, the Crabs & Curries menu is served every evening, from 6 pm until 11 pm.

To try out the crabs and curries, kindly contact the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort at [email protected] or 02-4988888


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