5 notable features you need to know about the new Emirates ID

Emirates ID
New generation of the Emirates ID launched

On Saturday, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship explained the key innovations in the “new and improved” Emirates ID card. A top official explained the new cards would be issued for those whose IDs have expired; and those who have requested for replacement of lost and damaged ones.

Even with the new features, the Emirates ID fees remains unchanged.

The five major notable features of the ID card are:

  1. Enhanced protection for non-visible data:

Data can be processed through an E-link system with the ICA.

  1. A high-quality card with longer service life:

The card is made using polycarbonate, enhancing its upto 10 years or longer.

  1. A consolidated 3D photo:

Along with holders’ date of birth, the laser printing feature will be authenticated.

  1. Advanced technology & technological characteristics:

The card’s chip will have a higher capacity and non-touch data reading features.

  1. Additional fields and code definition:

New details include professional data, issuing authorities and population groups.

The new identity document features additional visual and electronic security features to combat fraud and to strengthen national and international confidence in travel documents.

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