Covid-19: Abu Dhabi Students And Staff To Present Negative Results

Covid-19 rules in Abu Dhabi
Many schools in Abu Dhabi are going to welcome students back for a face to face education from the beginning of 2021.

ADEK the education regulator of Abu Dhabi has a set of rules and regulations for attending the face to face session for both the staff and students. Students aged 12 years and above who wish to go back to school in person have to present a Covid-19 negative PCR test certificate compulsorily. The test to qualify entry into the school will be available free of cost to all the children attending face to face sessions from January 2021.

ADEK has also informed that the Abu Dhabi Health Services company ( SEHA) will conduct the free test for students at a specified date for all the schools. The schedule of the covid-19 test is informed in advance to ensure all the staff and students take the test on time and is available on the ADEK website as well.

The students should have a valid Emirates Id and valid code of the school to avail of this free test service at SEHA centre. To avoid confusion, the parents have to call the school to find out the exact date, time and school code to complete the test. The school teachers and staff have to undergo periodic tests at regular intervals. The ADEK will announce the date of further tests later on.

The students and staff can plan to take the test on another date, other than fixed for the school at a private or public health care facility at their own expense. If they plan to go back to school on January 3rd, they have to undergo the scanning from December 21st onwards.


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