Have you been to the new Farmer’s Market at Deerfields Mall?

Deerfields Mall
Carefully sourced local produce

Source fresh greens and cool handicrafts at Deerfields Mall in Abu Dhabi. Love the concept of farm to table? The Farmer’s Market at Deerfields Mall has been relaunched after a 24 month hiatus.

What better than strolling in Abu Dhabi in the gorgeous winter weather while you shop for the best handpicked grocery. A little extra shopping in fresh air and you are sorted!

With over a collective of 20 local farmers, The Farmers Market at Deerfields Mall enables them to showcase their homegrown produce and interact with consumers.

This market is located in the renovated garden area running every Friday to Sunday from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Here local artisans will sell their handicrafts and accessories. There’s plenty of time to shop for the best greens in the capital. The Farmer’s Market will run until March 30, 2022. This could also be your go-to grocery shopping destination, fresh

Mohammed Al Haj, CEO of Deerfields Mall said: “Locally grown and sourced products are important to Abu Dhabi’s sustainability goals, and we are grateful we can play a role with the Farmers Market.”

Farmers markets are great for the local community and for getting those veggies in.

To know more about the Farmer’s Market click here


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