Here’s What Would Happen If You Don’t Dispose Your Face Masks Correctly

Face Masks

Drivers in Abu Dhabi have been  warned about throwing away their face masks.

A lot of face masks, gloves and protective equipment are now showing up on the streets owing to people not disposing them correctly. A lot of drivers have been throwing them away from cars and the authorities have now enforced rules to curb this.

Any driver seen throwing away his masks or gloves on the road can be fined AED 1,000 along with six black points on the driver’s UAE licence.

Most of the gear are bio degradable and not environment friendly. So, the authorities have stressed the need to the public to ensure that they are disposing their masks and gloves responsibly. This is also paramount to contain the spread as it is unhygienic to have used masks or gloves lying around.

Different teams around the world are trying to develop more sustainable protective equipment but until then, the onus is on us to act consciously. In the UAE, a group at Khlaifa University of Science and Technology have developed environment –friendly masks in partnership with the University of Salerno in Italy.

Till we are all able to use masks that are entirely sustainable, let’s remind each other and ourselves to be mindful when we throw away our masks and gloves.


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