Do Your Part To Save The Planet With These Simple To Follow Home Recycling Tips

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A whopping 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic goods were produced worldwide in 2017.

If left unchecked, environmental experts estimate that roughly 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste will be accumulated by 2050.

This alarming reality makes it clear that the world faces a tough uphill battle to counter waste pollution and its undesirable effects to our environment.

But all of us can do our share to help save Mother Earth.

The fact is even small gestures can go a long way in reducing plastic pollution. This may be in the form of labelling trash bins to separate items or using eco-friendly bags instead of carrying plastic every time when shopping.

Alana Sorokin, founder of Joseph & Alexander – makers of kids apparel that uses fabric made from ocean plastics – gives a few helpful tips on how to reduce plastic use and recycle.

Practice DIY using plastic bottles. Have lots of plastic bottles at home? Don’t throw them in the bin and instead recycle. Check out do-it-yourself ideas from garden decorations to handy household storage items. Explore your creativity or gather ‘round the kids for some arts and crafts projects. 

For inspiration, check out or 5-Minute Crafts on YouTube to gain some fun and creative ideas.

Create home-based recycling centre. Allocate specific space inside or outside the house for sorting recyclable materials.

To keep the process efficient and organised you can label each storage facility, a box for paper, plastic, glass and clothes, this system not only keeps your recycling organised but teaches children the importance of recycling from a young age.

Switch to ethical options. Ditch the plastic when doing shopping and buying groceries by bringing recycling bags instead. You can start researching and buying products made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. Learn more about brands that promotes green practices and support the business to help lessen harmful and toxic waste being dumped in the environment.


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