Eco-Friendly Steps At Home Towards The Environment

Eco-Friendly Ways

Being Eco-friendly and taking care of the environment is always a hot topic. Nowadays, it’s common to hear news about forest fires, melting ice glaciers and rising temperatures, which in turn affects global climate.

We all have a responsibility to save our planet. The truth is even the smallest things count and by that, we mean starting eco-friendly habits at home.

It all starts with being aware of our actions and lots of common sense. Aside from helping take care of Earth, these little initiatives can also help save money in the short and long term.

A/C smart

Shutting down air-conditioning units in the UAE for long periods of time is not an option especially during the summer months.

But winter season actually allows us to do that. Air-con usage can be minimized during the months of November to March.

Regardless of the season, it is recommended to set thermostat to 25°C. Doing this will help reduce carbon emission from A/C and electricity bill.

Of course, make sure to turn off the air-cons when leaving the house. Installing big curtains and blinds can also help reduce heat coming from the outside.

Be water wise

Water wastage is one of the biggest problems confronting the world today. And with the planet heating up, the need to conserve water resources is very much needed.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) advises homeowners to always check faucets and pipes for leaks. If this is the case, enlisting the help of a home maintenance company will ensure that water is not being wasted and adds up being eco-friendly.

Another tip is to make the most of the washing machine’s load capacity when doing laundry and using a bucket and sponge instead of hose when washing the car.

Turn it off

Shutting down lights when not in use or when leaving the house is something that we’ve always been told of even as children.

Another tip worth considering is replacing old bulbs with eco-friendly models as these reduce energy consumption and last longer.

The UAE is 365 days of sunshine so why not make the most of that by opening windows or letting natural sunshine in during daytime?

Recycle is key

Ditch plastic bags and use reusable ones instead when going to the grocery. Reusing empty containers especially plastic ones as food jars or flower vases is also another option.

Don’t despair….. repair!

We know, it could be tempting to buy new home stuff when an old one breaks down. But why not see first if it can be repaired? This approach can help reduce unnecessary waste in landfills and also saves you significant cash.

You can also get creative by up-cycling old furniture and give them a new lease of life and purpose.

If all things fail, pick up the phone or go online to contact Take My Junk at 050 179 4045 or

The UAE based company will be happy to collect for free your old furniture, appliances, gadgets and clothing for repair and reselling.

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