École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio will be opening soon in the capital

École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio

École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio

In partnership with Erth Hospitality, DCT Abu Dhabi are set to launch the École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio this December. This will mark the region’s first institute by the acclaimed chef, Alain Ducasse.

This culinary studio will find its home at Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Foundation and is poised to enrich the UAE’s culinary education landscape.

The culinary studio will offer a range of short and professional classes. All within a contemporary and welcoming space equipped with state-of-the-art professional kitchen equipment. One standout feature of the Abu Dhabi Studio is its commitment to personalized learning.

With a focus on small class sizes, students can expect one-on-one attention from experienced instructors. This environment is ideal for individuals looking to enhance their culinary skills, whether they’re beginners or seasoned cooks. Additionally, the studio will feature a gourmet café and will be available for corporate events, adding versatility to its offerings.

The programs at École Ducasse Abu Dhabi Studio will cover a wide spectrum of culinary arts and pastry skills, allowing participants to delve into the fundamentals of both French and international cuisine, all while imbibing the Ducasse philosophy.

Programme themes are diverse, catering to various interests and skill levels. From introductory courses like “First Cooking Lesson – Learning to Cook Without Inhibition” to specialized classes such as “Healthy Cooking” and “Famous Parisian Macarons Madness Class,” there’s something for everyone.

Erth Hospitality, the license partner of École Ducasse, brings over 25 years of expertise to the hospitality industry, making this collaboration a significant milestone.

With Chef Alain Ducasse, the most Michelin-starred chef in history with 20 stars to his name, at its helm, École Ducasse has a rich legacy. Since launching its first culinary and pastry school in 1999, it has established globally recognized institutes in India, the Philippines, and Thailand.


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