Ekar Is Delivering Your Car In 24 Hours At Your Doorstep

Thanks to technology, we can all get just about anything with a touch of a button these days.

Thanks to technology, we can all get just about anything with a touch of a button these days and how about delivering your car in 24 hours at your doorstep with Ekar? Self-mobility company Ekar has launched a new mobile app and subscription service in the UAE.

The Self-Drive Super app and subscription allows you to book economy or luxury cars for a period up to nine months with no down payment or long-term commitment. Order a car, which can be delivered to your door in 24 hours, and you can pay as you go and pay only for the time that you need it for. All cars come with maintenance, road side assistance and can be switched, traded up and returned at any time.

“Today, with the launch of the self-drive super app, we are happy to announce that users can now access the entire self-drive vertical for cars via a single app, with pay per minute to multiple month subscriptions in partnership with some of the largest car rental and leasing companies on the planet,” said Vilhelm Hedberg, founder of Ekar. “The global pandemic shifted the way people consume transportation, with a focus towards self-drive. Tens of thousands of new members joined Ekar post lockdown in search of a safer mobility solution.

“To meet demand, in November 2020 we launched ‘Ekar Fleet’ as part of Ekar Mobility OS, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for car rental and leasing companies to rent their own fleet on the Ekar platform remotely. This became an instant success, as thousands of cars were committed to the program.

“Ekar Subscription is the next step in responding to the requests of members asking for longer-term self-drive solutions, without the costly commitment of car ownership.”


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