Review: The Fresh Catch At Al Khayal, Marriott Al Forsan Is A Must Try!

Marriott Al Forsan
If you love seafood, Al Khayal is the perfect place to visit.


Marriott Al Forsan is located in the heart of Khalifa City with beautiful landscapes and vibrancy. We decided to head down to Al Khayal, Marriott Al Forsan for their Thursday seafood night buffet and were excited to experience the journey at Al Khayal. It was a perfect combination being our Thursday evening and our love seafood.

Marriott Al Forsan

Al Khayal welcomes guest by 6.30 pm and we reached around 7.15 pm. The ambience is massive with six live cooking stations and a wide selection of dishes from different continents. We were well assisted by the staff who showed us our dining spot. The perfectly placed seating arrangements made every guest comfortable to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Marriott Al Forsan

We decided to take a walk around and explore what each station had to offer us. The six stations comprised delicacies from Arabic cuisine, Indian curries, Italian, Japanese station, Chinese dim-sum and Western fish and chips. It was huge!

Seafood night at Al Khayal

To ensure safety guidelines are maintained as per the government norms, we had to select what we needed and the staff would bring our dish to the table. We exactly knew where to start off and headed straight to the fresh catch of shrimps, scallops, lobsters, mussels only to be perfectly grilled. While our food was being grilled, we decided to try the shrimps dim-sum and a portion of chicken dim-sum for our toddlers who at times might have mood swings.

Marriott Al Forsan

As we sat down to get ready for our meals, the server was quick enough to bring us our dishes to the table. The food was piping hot and the only next thing was to feast. The shrimps and the lobsters were juicy and perfectly cooked as we wanted. If you haven’t tried scallops, the ones at Al Khayal were super soft and we recommend you to try them. The dim-sum was nice and it went well with the sauces suggested by the chef.

Fish Majboos

The evening is incomplete without the oysters, the sushi counter was colorful and we decided to take a roll of each for our experience. The Indian and the Arabic stations were more on the heavy side serving rice, fish curry, biryani, fish majboos. If you love fish fry with spices, the pomfret is a must try. Since I love salmon, without any hesitation we tried the smoked salmon too.

Fish Fry

These were just some of the few dishes we tried and our bellies were already full. The dessert station had a variety of ice creams, cakes, pastries, you will be spoilt for choices. Though we have a sweet tooth, we decided to keep it simple and tried the chocolate, mango and vanilla flavored ice creams.

Desserts at Marriott Al Forsan

All in all the place was truly amazing with an array of cuisines and flavors one can try on a Thursday evening leaving you super happy. Seafood lovers we truly recommend you to explore Al Khayal for their hospitality and their delicious food.

To book your reservations call 02-2014000 and make sure you visit Al Khayal, Marriott Al Forsan this Thursday from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm


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