Review: Pots Full Of Mussels At Spaccanapoli, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi

Mussels Night at Spaccanapoli
Mussels are an under-appreciated wonder food.

Mussels Night

Being a seafood lover all my life, deciding to try the mussels night at Spaccanapoli, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi was a no brainer. I’ve been to those ‘All you can eat sushi’ or ‘All you can eat shrimps’. The pots full of mussels was something i was curious and tempted to try. So we planned our Saturday evening to give it a go and find out what’s so special!

Side dish

We were dot on time to start our evening at 7.00 pm and we were welcomed by Naveen who made us feel comfortable and helped us through the evening. We started with a glass of grape and later welcomed with Caviar d’aubergine (puree of roasted eggplant), fried vegetables with breadcrumbs ( Fritto misto style ) of French fries and toasted semolina bread. Our mussels pot were from New Zealand and weighed close to a kilo each. Since the mussels would be freshly prepared and served, we had the option of cooking them in creamy Saffron sauce or Marinara sauce ( tomatoes sauce and fresh chillies ) or Impepata ( garlic, lemon, white grape, black pepper and parsley ) or their Piperada sauce ( garlic, chopped capsicum and tomato sauce ). Naveen who was super helpful and informative, suggested that we try the creamy Saffron and the Impepata and we opted for his selection.

Margherita Pizza

Did you know mussels are one of the most well-rounded foods to include in your diet, high in zinc, iron and other minerals, vitamins A and B12. Even top nutritionist and fitness professionals have started to explore how the simple mussel boosts physical health. While i was calculative on the health benefits one can have, Naveen brought us our mussels pots. They were steaming hot, the sauce was mild, slightly flavored and not over powering the mussels, keeping the the natural sea water taste, fresh and chewy. Our toddlers were served their favourite margherita pizza. The dessert selection was the cannoli which is an Italian pastry which looks like tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with sweet, creamy fillings.


If you plan to unwind your Saturday evening with something different and yet delightful to the soul, the mussels night is something you should explore which would cost you only AED 140 per person for 2 mussel pots and two beverages.

You can reach them out on 02-6166261 or whatsapp on 050-6123489 


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