BBQ Al Qasr Reopens To Welcome Guests At The Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace
Your outdoor moments with your loved ones just elevated to the next level of happiness at the Emirates Palace.

Emirates Palace

The BBQ Al Qasr at the Emirates Palace has always been a crowd favourite for its wonderful beachside dining experiences and its now back in operation welcoming guests once again.

The popular barbeque affair is back in option with a new menu of dishes made predominantly from local ingredients along with refreshing cocktails to wash it down. The culinary experience will bring to you tables freshly cooked seafood, grills and so much more, all as you take in the beautiful backdrop. A scenic meal by the beach in this wonderful weather. What really can top that?

BBQ Al Qasr at Emirates Palace

Valentine’s Day maybe and we believe everyday should be a celebration of love. The lovely gazebos at Emirates Palace are the perfect options for a lovely day out to dine and spend time with your loved ones. Open every day from 7 pm to 11.30 pm, the restaurant requires guests to make prior reservations to avoid any disappointments. This luxurious option to unwind has made sure that the premise is in line with all the health and safety regulations to ensure people’s wellbeing.

For more information or reservations for the BBQ Al Qasr, please call 02 690 88 88 or email [email protected]


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