Experience A Wildlife Staycation At Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo
Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi is home to some varied animal species that visitors can interact with.

Emirates Park Zoo Chalet

This exciting venue has shape-shifted from being a zoo to a luxury chalet in the middle of the zoo and deluxe rooms with a swimming pool. Now, not only can you visit and interact with friendly house guests but take in the whole wildlife experience by treating your family to a relaxed stay as you enjoy freshly made Yemini, Lebanese or International cuisines.

Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo has been refurbished to meet health and safety regulations and enhance the visitor experiences. A lot us have had to reschedule our vacations or postpone them. This hotel experience we think has the potential to transport you to memorable experience!

  • Perfect opportunity for infotainment

Sealion show at Emirates Park Zoo

It is the perfect place for you to enjoy some well-deserved family time while you learn some interesting facts about the animals. Now that school has started, this learning staycation might just be the fix to get your kids curious to keep up with their homework and reading. Of course, it is immensely entertaining to watch the leopards, crocodiles and elephants but the questions that your tiny tots would ask as you go around is an opportune way to help add to their knowledge and teach them some new words too.

  • Events and activities

Feeding the giraffe

If you decide to stay for a day or two there are some exciting activities, you can partake in. For instance, your day with a breakfast with birds or giraffes, have lunch with the leopard and end your day petting crocodiles. There are also several animal shows, presentation, environment education workshops and some beautiful exhibits to blow your mind away.

  • A talk about the environment

Eagle lessons

A visit to the zoo always helps kids empathize with animals and their way of life. It sparks conversation about protecting them and ways how they can be involved in wildlife preservation. Although, they may not all become Jane Goodall or Steve Irwin it teaches the importance of environmental awareness through a real-time interaction. They understand the roles that different animals play in the world. This is effective than a textbook lesson any day.

  • Gifts are always nice

Pool access at Emirates Park Zoo

A souvenir to remember the place by makes it special. Emirates Park Zoo have their very own souvenir shop from where you can cherry pick your favourite item to remind you of your visit or stay. A gift shop anywhere is on our pro list because we can never have enough gifts!

Emirates Park Zoo

A birdie tells us that you don’t have to be Dr. Dolittle for the animals to play with you. They are all charmers waiting to entertain! So, make those reservations and have a magical time!.

For more information, visit https://www.emiratesparkzooandresort.com/ contact 02 501 0000; Zoo timings: Daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm


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