Environment Agency Abu Dhabi to launch ‘ Clean your perimeter campaign’

DCT Abu Dhabi
The project empowers more people to switch to sustainable waste management

As part of the Green Business Network Initiative, The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi has launched a new campaign. This is in collaboration with AD Ports Group.

The project aims to empowering industrial entities to switch to more sustainable waste management practices and minimize single-use plastics.

The ‘Clean your perimeter campaign’ has set parameters until December 2022. The aim is to educate people at large about the industrial facilities and increase awareness regarding the importance of keeping the capital clean.

It also engages employees in corporate social responsibility ( CSR ) activities such as Citizen Science clean-ups of near by areas.

This is in addition to supporting citizen science research on the volume of single-use plastics and other types of waste
entering the environment.

For great results to this campaign, facilities are requested to conduct internal awareness sessions for all employees. These include supervisors, contractors, security teams and broader support staff such as truck drivers. They emphasize on how to reduce the impact of littering and help protect the shared environment.

Circulation of internal awareness collaterals such as facts, infographic videos and more will support the outreach.

As part of the campaign, facilities will get the chance to be recognised for their efforts through the social media channels of Environment Agency Abu Dhabi 

At the end of this year, a ceremony will be organized to express appreciation for the success of the ‘Clean your Perimeter’ campaign.


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