Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi begins to number endangered local trees

Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi
The old Ghaf and Samar trees is of important environmental and heritage values

Aimed to categorize old and endangered trees, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi has launched an ambitious project. This project has a historical importance in their natural environments and habitats across Abu Dhabi . Its the first the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi.

Ghaf Trees

This project aims to tag old Ghaf and Samar trees of important environment and heritage values. Satellites and aerial images are used along with coordinates for each tree and stored within the geographical database of the agency. The programme is followed by the actual numbering of the historical trees.

Al Ain city in EAD has implemented a project to rehabilitate Samar trees in areas affected by climate change, illegal human violations and infrastructure development projects.

The Environment Agency plans to tag 1,500 Samar trees in the protected area in the first phase of the project. In addition to 1,500 Ghaf trees across the Emirate by the end of the year. The trees will be tagged with specially designed metal panels bearing the species details and tag identification numbers.

The natural Ghaf and Samar trees are an important component of the UAE’s biodiversity. These two species are classifieds amongst the threatened species in Abu Dhabi.

The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, managed to record around 100,000 wild trees through a satellite survey. The numbering of the trees would be carried out using specially prepared metal panels, etched with a distinctive number mounted on the trees.

Abu Dhabi has nearly 100,000 naturally growing Ghaf and Samar trees. Similar to other local trees, these two types are protected under Federal Law No. ( 24 ) of the year 1999.


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