Etihad Rail – Linking Abu Dhabi and Dubai has begun with rail network

Etihad Rail
Laying of tracks commences between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Offering world-class transport system, Etihad Rail inaugurates a safer & reliable track-laying work at the Seih Shuaib site that is a strategic point to link Abu Dhabi and Dubai through a rail network.

Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court and Chairman of Etihad Rail, on Tuesday began with track-laying work for an important phase of the 1,200km project that will connect all the emirates through passengers and freight services in years to come.

Sheikh Theyab reviewed the progress during a 10-kilometre trip aboard an inspection and supervision train. The trip started from the operations centre at Seih Shuaib area and travelled in both directions towards Abu Dhabi and Dubai up to Al Maha Forest.

It will also support the nation’s economic growth, connecting the UAE’s main ports with industrial, manufacturing and residential centres to positively impact the wellbeing of citizens and residents.

This project doesn’t only aim to preserve wildlife sanctuaries and natural habitats but also focuses on the overall development of infrastructure in the city.

Two trains, each of them comprising of up to 110 wagons on one-way journey, have a capacity to transport up to 22,000 tonnes of Sulphur on daily basis.

In stage two of the project, more than 600k track will be laid down from Ghuweifat, on the border with Saudi Arabia, to Fujairah on the east coast

As an investment in infrastructure, Abu Dhabi is moving towards ultimate advancement in its technology and overall growth including the sustainability agenda. With the rail line in place UAE can attract large scale manufacturing entities where movement of heavy goods with economics of scale can be ensured.

With being acting as a catalyst for industrial expansion, economic growth and sustaining social development. Etihad Rail is is working closely with the Federal Transport Authority and transport authorities to improve existing networks and develop passenger connections in coming years. They said upon completion of 1,200km project, the Etihad Rail network will help improve carbon emissions by replacing 5,600 on-road truck trips daily.


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