Experience the dragon boat festival at Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong
From 23rd May to 03rd June 2022

Dai Pai Dong, the purveyor of traditional Chinese cuisine is celebrating the dragon boat festival for you to explore new palettes.

The dragon boat festival symbolizes the congregation of a community. It is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese Calendar. Introduce your taste buds to these wonderful flavors with a host of specially curated dishes.

  • Zongzi Rice Dumpling Special

You’ll be amazed by the authenticity that Dai Pai Dong has to offer. The talented Chef Dong has crafted a symbolic dish – the Zongzi Rice Dumpling, made traditionally to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. This is something you and your friends wouldn’t want to miss.

Stylishly presented and yet endearingly comforting with sticky rice dumplings, the dish honours the commemorating of the ancient Chinese tradition.

The Zongzi Rice Dumplings is served with premium ingredients and culinary experience. The dish honors the commemorating of the ancient Chinese tradition and is definitely a treat to mark the festival.

Available daily from 23rd May – 03rd June 2022 from 12.00 pm.

The Zongzi Rice Dumplings special at Dai Paid Dong is priced at AED 66/- for three pieces.

For bookings or more information at Dai Pai Dong call – 02-8135588


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