Al Ain Zoo makes a safe home for migratory birds

Al Ain Zoo
Various campaigns, events and activities to attract the attention of people

Al Ain Zoo has put together great efforts into attracting migrating birds. The zoo has pledged to preserve the environmental integrity and to create an ideal surrounding.

They have create various activities, events and campaigns to attract the attention of people at large.

15th May was World Migratory Day and Al Ain Zoo celebrated this day with the aim to shed more light on the preservation and well-being of migratory birds. The Sheikh Zayed Learning Centre organized a learning experience known as ‘Al Ain Zoo – the cosy nest’.

Migratory birds at Al Ain Zoo

The zoo offers many achievements in this field including periodic research projects on migratory birds that flock to the zoo. The environment is attractive and welcoming making it a suitable breeding ground and a seasonal place to settle.

The number of bird species observed in the zoo so far has reached 100, of which 27% are resident species, 60% migrating birds and 3% combines both attributes.

The April month field survey recorded flocks of Eurasian Teal birds, the highest number recorded for this species in the Zoo till date.

The Zoo actively provides vital information to the International Bird Census and Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

The Zoo also participates in the International Waterbird Census apart from the EAD, International Bird Cenus providing information contributing to avian conservation efforts.

Al Ain Zoo is always a step ahead in conducting research campaigns on the moments of migratory birds, monitoring monthly numbers, species and duration of their stay.


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