Environmental Crisis In Spotlight At This New Film Festival In Abu Dhabi

From global warming to deforestation to devastating calamities — there’s no denying that we’re facing an environmental crisis from all corners of the world.

Environmental Issues on Plastic
The Story of Plastic

It is with this in mind that a new happening in Abu Dhabi is being launched from 6th to 8th February to educate the public on various environmental crisis and discuss issues we have today.

The Al Sidr Environmental Film Festival is organised by Zayed University and the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi will be held at Manarat Al Saadiyat.

The free festival will feature films tackling environmental subjects, workshops and talks with expert Eco-warriors and other related activities focusing on electronic and food waste, climate change and single-use plastics.

Environmental Issue on affecting animals
The film Albatross shows the disturbing effect of our plastic debris on seabirds

The movies that will be shown during the three-day event include Youth Unstoppable, The Story of Plastic and Albatross.

“The focus of this year’s festival is on waste and its impact on the environment as it is considered one of the main environmental challenges that require public awareness,” said Khansa Al Blouki, director of environmental outreach at EAD.

“We aim to change that awareness into positive and sustainable behavior leading to conserving the environment and achieving the goals put forth by our leaders to ensure a sustainable future for us and future generations.”

For more information, visit: facebook.com/seff.ae

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