40 minute fireworks in Abu Dhabi to break Guinness World Records

New Year's Eve Fireworks
Breathtaking fireworks, Drone shows and entertainment

The New Year’s Eve fireworks in Abu Dhabi and the UAE are always a spectacle. As part of the Sheikh Zayed Festival’s NYE celebrations, Abu Dhabi will attempt to break three Guinness World Records.

Sheikh Zayed Festival is currently being held at Al Wathba and has lined up a series of world-class folkloric and entertainment events and performances.

The 40 minutes fireworks in Abu Dhabi at the Sheikh Zayed Festival show will attempt to break three records in quantity, time and formation. A giant drone show using more than 3,000 unmanned aerial vehicles will light up the skies of Al Wathba.

This will be the world’s first show of its kind and magnitude. There will be plenty of entertainment for children, including theatre shows, circus performances, games at Funfair City, and other activities.

The festival features more than 60 gastronomic selections spread across numerous areas, including “Egrab” food trucks, which means “Come closer” in Emirati dialect, kiosks, pavilion restaurants, Souk Al Wathba restaurants and the Art District restaurants, with a vast selection of food and beverages choices from all over the world.

Sheikh Zayed Festival will welcome visitors daily from 4 pm until 12 am, both weekdays and on weekends until 18th March 2023. The cultural event features thousands of local, international and folkloric performances, and activities.

Free bus ride to the Sheikh Zayed Festival. Click here


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