5 reasons to enjoy a flavorful summer at The Fountains, Yas Mall

The Fountains, Yas Mall

Unveiling the Ultimate Summer Delights

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of excitement and flavor that promises endless family fun at The Fountains, Yas Mall.

Here’s a sneak peek of what awaits you and your loved ones this summer:

  • Savor an Authentic Turkish Breakfast at Bosporus:


Kickstart your day with an unforgettable Turkish breakfast extravaganza at Bosporus. From 10 am to 12:30 pm, indulge in a delightful spread of fresh juices, mixed cheeses, delectably cooked eggs, vibrant vegetable platters, and tantalizing dried fruits. All this and more await you for just AED 129.

Call 02 667 2022 for more details.

  • Chill Out with Al Fanar’s Summer Smoothies:

Al Fanar

Beat the summer heat with Al Fanar’s refreshing new lineup of summer smoothies. Crafted with the finest fresh fruits and vegetables, these limited-edition creations are the ultimate cooling companions.

While at Al Fanar, treat yourself to an authentic Emirati dining experience, featuring an array of traditional delights and sumptuous grilled meats. Curious?

Reach out at 02 877 2272 for more details.

  • Embark on a Jungle Adventure at Rainforest Café:

Transport your family to the heart of the Amazon with Rainforest Café’s immersive and entertaining jungle experience.

As you journey through this interactive wonderland with your little ones, indulge in a vibrant menu that includes mouthwatering options like the mixed seafood grill and the exquisite ‘Taste Of The Islands’ seafood dish.

For only AED 134, relish coconut shrimp, shrimp scallops, tilapia with mango salsa, accompanied by seasonal vegetables and Caribbean Rice. More details?

For more information you can call 02 566 1999.

  • Beat the Heat with Berry Bang’s Gelato Delights:

Escape the scorching summer sun by treating yourself to an array of unlimited gelato flavors at Berry Bang.

From rich gelato ice-creams to delightful frozen yogurts, refreshing smoothies, and rejuvenating juices, Berry Bang promises the ultimate summer indulgence. Ready to cool off?

For more information call 02 496 8000.

  • Create Your Own Yoghurt Masterpiece at Menchie’s:

A treat for both kids and kids-at-heart, Menchie’s offers the chance to craft your very own yogurt bowl masterpiece. Explore a vast array of delectable toppings, luscious syrups, and a colorful assortment of fresh fruits.

Get ready for seconds and beyond! Intrigued? Call 02 491 2228 for more information.

Make this summer one to remember by exploring the sensational offerings at The Fountains, Yas Mall.


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