Hassantuk Alert: UAE Villa Owners, Secure Your Homes by 2024!


Deadline Alert for Fire and Smoke Alarms

A crucial deadline is approaching by Hassantuk. By 01st January, 2024, it’s mandatory to have fire and smoke alarms installed in your villas and to subscribe to the UAE’s alert system, Hassantuk.

The UAE cabinet introduced this resolution in September 2020 as part of a comprehensive effort to enhance fire safety across the nation.

The resolution was officially published in January 2021, outlining a three-year timeline for implementation.

Thus, UAE villa owners must ensure they’ve undertaken these essential fire safety upgrades by the upcoming January deadline.

It’s important to note that this requirement solely applies to villa owners, as apartment buildings already come equipped with fire alarm systems. For tenants in rental properties, the responsibility for installation and Hassantuk subscription falls on the landlord, not the tenant.

Now, what exactly is Hassantuk?

Hassantuk, established in 2018, is the UAE’s fire alert system. Initially, subscribing to it was optional, but as of 01st January, 2024, villa owners must be enrolled.

Hassantuk plays a pivotal role in fire safety. It promptly notifies civil defense authorities in the event of a fire. It  provides precise location details and the fastest route for firefighters to reach the scene.

Newly constructed property owners are automatically required to sign up for Hassantuk. However, existing homeowners must subscribe within the next four months to meet the deadline.

For a three-bedroom villa, the subscription cost is AED 416.85 per month for a 12-month plan or AED 233.10 per month for 24 months, both accompanied by an upfront fee of AED 1,000.

An alternative is a one-time payment of AED 5,903, which includes 1 fire alarm panel, 9 wireless smoke detectors, 1 wireless heat detector, along with installation, monitoring, and maintenance services.

Larger homes with more than three bedrooms can explore customized plans to accommodate additional alarms.

To subscribe, visit home.moi.gov.ae and ensure compliance with this crucial fire safety mandate.”


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