Can This Be The World Record For The Longest And Largest Fireworks?

UAE National Day fireworks
The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival is a cultural festival held annually in Abu Dhabi.

This season, the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival is set to break the Guinness World Records with stunning fireworks show in Abu Dhabi on New Year’s Eve. The firework show will take place for 35 minutes, making it the longest and largest fireworks show and will break two records.

The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival is home to one of the largest cultural festivals in the UAE and has grand pavilions dedicated to various countries, as well as exhibitions and entertainment for one and all.

The first record breaking attempt is for the longest-running firework show. With the time set to 35 minutes, this will be the longest show ever done before. The second record breaking attempt is for the longest girandola firework show in the world. A girandola show consists of a spinning firework wheel. The festival will also feature laser and UAE fountain shows, and will also see international and UAE bands performing to ring in the new year. There is also an area dedicated to children called Kids Nation, where children can watch performances, circus shows and plays that they will truly enjoy.

The event will be held at Al Wathba on 31st December 2020 from 3 pm. The festival is open to all and will run till 20 February 2021.


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