MAKTABA Winter Camp For Adults And Kids Until 31st December ’20

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You still have time to be part of these virtual workshops to help plan for your future.

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has unveiled its MAKTABA Winter Camp 2020 programme, which will run until 31st December under the theme ‘Looking Forward and New Possibilities’. The programme offers a variety of virtual workshops to raise awareness of the importance of planning for the future. These workshops will be broadcast on the Microsoft Teams platform and MAKTABA’s social media channels.

The MAKTABA Winter Camp will be tackling a variety of topics geared towards different age groups. These will include planning for the winter school break and the new year, raising awareness of the importance of financial planning and punctuality and an introduction to the basics of planning for an entrepreneurial project. The adult workshops deal with the importance of personal coaching in preparing future leaders, the impact of strategic leadership on achieving organizational excellence and the role of ideation in promoting creative writing.

MAKTABA’s Winter Camp 2020 programme starts with a workshop entitled ‘Plan Your Winter Vacation’, which introduces children aged eight years and up to the best ways to benefit from the school break. It also includes the workshop ‘How to Prepare to Present an Educational Award’, which will focus on ways to set goals for the vacation and enjoy it, in order to return with a fresh mindset for the new semester. Additionally, a workshop entitled ‘Planning for Mindful Days’ will explain the importance of writing in stimulating the brain to think critically and closely examine matters of life.

The camp will host the Emirati writer, Mohammed Hassan Al Marzooqi, who will be presenting a discussion session on the book The 5 a.m. Club by Robin Sharma. Planning for the future is not complete without financial acumen, and the camp will be hosting author Khadija Kudsi for a reading of her book What Can I Do With My Dirhams?, which educates children aged eight and above about the principles of saving in a simple way. The camp will also broadcast a workshop about the importance of the ideation strategy and its role in improving creative writing skills. There will also be an interactive reading session entitled ‘The Star of the Future’, which focuses on children’s aspirations.

Children aged 10 and up can look forward to a workshop by inventor Khaled Al-Shaloubi, in which he explains the basics of planning to launch a successful entrepreneurial project, while writer Fatima Al Mazrouei will appear in a workshop to reads her book Princess Mahra. The Camp programme continues with a reading workshop entitled ‘Why is Nabil Late?’, an interactive story introducing children to the importance of punctuality. The story features an open-ended conclusion that allows the children’s imagination to interpret the ending for themselves.

Concluding the Winter Camp will be a workshop about the impact of strategic leadership on achieving organizational excellence, and another targeting children aged six and above, entitled ‘New Year’s Planning’. This will detail the importance of planning for the new year, and how to set goals and track progress in achieving them.

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