Explore centuries of exchange between Chinese and Islamic Worlds at Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi
Yet another year of cultural and artistic exchange

Witness an exchange between two civilizations at Louvre Abu Dhabi. This artistic exchange would be Louvre Abu Dhabi’s second international exhibition this year.

Dragon and Phoenix – Centuries of Exchange between Chinese and Islamic Worlds will run until February 2022. The exhibition will showcase the distinct exchange between the Chinese and Islamic civilizations from the 08th to the 18th century. Organized by Louvre Abu Dhabi in partnership with Musée national des arts asiatiques – Guimet with the support of France Muséums.

More than 200 artworks from the collections of Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Musée Guimet and 12 international museums on display. Connect through these artworks and a wide range of cultural programmes.

Dragon and Phoenix places in dialogue artefacts from two worlds rich in culture, arts, and sciences. China (the dragon) and the Islamic world (the phoenix). The exhibition showcases connections, artistic influences and remarkable untold stories of more than 800 years through land and sea routes.

From the establishment of the first Arab merchant colonies in Canton in the 8th century until the beginning of the 18th century. The exhibition reveals a long and rich history of mutual admiration and influence reflected in both material and immaterial exchanges. The journey from Mashriq and the Arabian Peninsula through Central Asia and the Indian Ocean, and to China and Vietnam.

Dragon and Phoenix particularly aims to highlight unconventional centres of artistic and cultural production. With both the physical experience and online presence, the exhibition will shed light on centuries of cultural exchange, artistic production between the two worlds. A dominance of coveted luxury materials and artworks between the 8th and 18th  centuries.

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