Yas Bay Waterfront Welcomes Two New Restaurants

Yas Bay Waterfront

Discover Culinary Delights At Yas Bay Waterfront in Abu Dhabi.

Yas Bay Waterfront, a culinary haven at Yas Island, proudly introduces two exciting additions to its diverse restaurant lineup. Bua Thai Café by Desert Lotus and NURI GRILL & BAR by Madang have newly opened at Yas Bay Waterfront in Abu Dhabi. Timed perfectly with the onset of the anticipated winter season Yas Island.

Bua Thai Café by Desert Lotus: Authentic Thai Delights

Bua Thai Café

Chef Buaban C. Tucker’s culinary journey began in 2015 when she used her kitchen to prepare food for those affected by an earthquake in Nepal.

Now, following the success of Desert Lotus, Chef Buaban proudly unveils Bua Thai Café, offering authentic Thai delights. Guests can savor signature dishes like pad thai and refreshing sundae sticky mango rice in a meticulously crafted ambiance.

Chef Buaban expresses her delight, saying, “We are delighted to open our second restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Extreme attention to detail has been paid, and we are very proud of how it turned out.”

NURI GRILL & BAR by Madang: A Symphony of Steak Artistry

Yas Bay Waterfront

Following the success of Madang Korean Restaurant, NURI GRILL & BAR graces Yas Bay Waterfront, blending sizzling steak artistry with omakase dining elegance.

The name ‘NURI,’ symbolizing ‘light’ in Arabic and ‘world’ in Korean, embodies the venue’s motto, ‘Where light meets the world.’ Specializing in marbled steaks and wet-aged meat, NURI GRILL & BAR boasts a vibrant bar with signature cocktails, including Haribo Soju and Mango Soju. The venue also features a private karaoke room for an unforgettable night out with friends.

Anthony Barbosa, Operations Manager at TU Management, expresses their pleasure, saying, “We are very pleased to welcome our newest addition, bringing our expertise in luxurious Korean BBQ and the best fine dining restaurants to the capital.”

With these additions, Yas Bay Waterfront, hosting an array of international and award-winning culinary concepts, promises an enticing experience for every palate.

To know more about the culinary delights at Yas Bay Waterfron visit: https://www.yasbay.ae/


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