New System Detects Seat Belt, Mobile Phone Violations In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Police
The capital will launch a new AI-based safety system named ‘VAST’ that can detect if drivers are using their mobile phones or not wearing their seat belts.

The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, representing the department of government support has joined hands with the Abu Dhabi Police to develop a Vehicular Attention and Safety Tracker (VAST ) to capture high-resolution images for those who violate safety rules when they are behind the wheels. Through this, they intend to emphasize the importance of safe driving practices and thereby reduce the number of accidents in the future.

This automated system will be set in action from 01st January, 2021. These artificial intelligence cameras will capture the image of those who fail to fasten seat belt or talk through mobile phones while driving the car. Those who don’t follow the safety rules will be given a warning in the form of a message, immediately when the radar captures the image.

The Director-General of ADDA, Mohammad Abdelhameed Al Askar, said that ADDA along with the aid of the Abu Dhabi Police will use the digital data to ensure traffic safety thereby bringing down the number of accidents in the capital city. The traffic safety and accident reduction model utilises the most modern facilities to strengthen Abu Dhabi digitally.

The director General of Abu Dhabi Police, major general Maktoum Al Sharifi further added that the VAST system has 5 major phases beginning from the camera along with edge system to detect the traffic violation, image review model, SMS notification model, performance dashboard and model retraining.


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