The Latest Exhibit At NYUAD Art Gallery Has A Different Approach

NYUAD Art gallery hosts an event

NYUAD Art Gallery’s latest exhibit explores concepts of displacement in a different light.

NYUAD Art Gallery has announced its latest exhibition archive event which is titled “Permanent Temporariness”. The current exhibition focuses on refugees but opts a different approach where it looks at refugees as guests living in host countries who are tackling the “the condition of impermanence and displacement”.


The online gallery can be enjoyed through an online webinar that will include the exhibition curators and artists behind the project. They will unpack the relevance of the artworks and exhibits in the current day and the inspirations behind their creation. Tracing: Permanent Temporariness will offer interested audiences a chance to enjoy an audio tour, a photo gallery, a youth guide and brochures on the concept.

NYUAD Art Gallery

The refugee and migrant crisis that escalated in 2015 continues to a matter of importance for governments worldwide with 71 million people displaced on account of varied reasons. This year’s World Refugee Day that is annually celebrated on June 20th called out on everyone to do their bit in helping the refugee and displaced communities.

Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi

The motto was “every action counts.” NYUAD’s exhibit there is a timely launch to raise awareness and offer perspectives on the lived and present realities of refugee and migrant communities across the globe.

The event will take place on July 7th at 7:30 pm via Zoom Webinar.

For the event link, visit:


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