Workshops Including Perfume-making And Macramé To Commence

Program Perfume Making

The Making Edition is an intensive program which runs from 30th June to 20th July exploring different aspects of the creative production process.

Warehouse 421, Abu Dhabi’s creative hub for regional artists, invites creative practitioners to make the most out of their summer at the second season of the Summer Club: The Making Edition.

It is designed for people with an interest in hands-on creative disciplines and emerging creative practitioners of varying skill levels, from beginners through to intermediate practitioners.

Workshop on Marble Paper

This year’s program encompasses a wide range of skills, activities and mediums. Participants can learn new techniques or develop existing creative practices with sessions such as Perfume Making, Introduction to Macramé and Handmade Paper Making.

Workshop includes perfume making

Faisal Al Hassan, General Manager of Warehouse421 said: “We are delighted to host our second season of Summer Club: The Making Edition, which enables creative practitioners to make the most of their summer by indulging in their passions and developing their skills.

Workshop on leather

We are proud to be able to offer unique disciplines such as perfume-making and macramé taught by extremely skilled instructors, and we anticipate these to be very popular amongst the creative community”.

All sessions feature a mix of theory and practice, enabling participants to learn about the history and principles of each discipline, before practicing it for themselves.

Workshop on Macrame

No prior knowledge or experience is required, unless otherwise specified.

For more information and to book a workshop at the Summer Club: Making Edition, visit

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