Online tool School Finder displays key details of Abu Dhabi Schools

School Finder
You can also compare campuses for schools in Abu Dhabi

School Finder is a new online directory providing key details about 536 campuses in Abu Dhabi.

Parents who are looking to enroll their kids in Abu Dhabi schools can now easily find the right one for them in just a few clicks.

Abu Dhabi’s TAMM platform recently launched an online directory, called School Finder, which provides key details about over 536 campuses. Even information about school fees are readily available on the site.

Here’s how to access and use the School Finder:

  • Open the TAMM smart app or go to the TAMM website.
  • In the “What are you looking for?” box, type in ‘School Finder’
  • Click on “School Finder” from the list that pops up
  • The directory will then be displayed, featuring the profiles of every school
  • Each entry also has a “Compare School” option. Users can short-list schools by ticking the box and once they click on the orange button at the bottom, information for the chosen institutions will be displayed in a chart for easier evaluation.

A similar online resource was launched in Dubai earlier this year. Called the “School Fees Fact Sheet” by the emirate’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority, the guide details all the fees a school may charge in one academic year.


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