Big Ticket Abu Dhabi: Fraud alert over fake raffle draw page

Abu Dhabi Big Ticket
The fake page urges users to send a message immediately and follow instructions

Big Ticket Abu Dhabi, the popular mega draw raffle has issued an alert. Big Ticket Abu Dhabi has warned the public of a fake social media account that claims to be its “second account”.

The official Big Ticket account ( @bigticketauh ) shared a screenshot of the poser page which bears the handle “@bigtiicketauh”.

Authorities in the UAE have repeatedly warned scammers who pretend to be an established entity in the country. In several cases, those victimised to such rackets end up revealing personal information that fraudsters use to steal money.

Earlier this year, the police had alerted the public to social media ads offering “government services” at a nominal fee. These scammers pose as representatives of licensed companies specialising in “completing residency requirement, vehicle licensing papers, school enrollments”. After losing their money, several residents had filed a complaint.

The police has always warned the community to be alert and not to interact with unofficial social media accounts. They have urged people to never disclose personal information online or over the phone.

Many of these perpetrators involved in such scams are part of an organized fraud network.

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