EAD issues sea snakes warning for beach-goers in the UAE

Sea Snakes in Abu Dhabi
If you spot a sea snake on the beach do not touch or try to catch it
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi have urged beach-goers to be cautious about sea snakes in the UAE. Keep an eye open for sea snakes as the costal waters cool down in the UAE. 

“Sea snakes, known as ‘Bu jinn’, are usually placid and do not harm people unless provoked. They swim to shallow waters in early winter to breed and can be seen swimming in open waters or close to beaches. Bites are rare (unless the animals are provoked) and deaths are almost unheard of.

They are specially spotted on Saadiyat Island and at Abu Dhabi Corniche. The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi has requested individuals to avoid touching or even trying to catch it. Individuals should inform the lifeguard or relevant beach management and call the Abu Dhabi Government help line on 800 555 if they spot one.

Sea snakes are extensively adapted to a fully aquatic life and are unable to move on land. If you get bitten by one in an unlikely event, head directly to the hospital for an anti-venom treatment.

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