Sharaf DG Achieves Green Milestone: 100 Tons Of E-Waste Collected

Sharaf DG

Join The E-Waste Collection Drive By Sharaf DG

In a world where electronics consumption is at an all-time high, Sharaf DG is leading the charge towards sustainability with its groundbreaking e-waste collection initiative.

Each year, millions of electronic devices are discarded, posing a significant threat to the environment. Recognizing this pressing issue, the retailer launched the Biggest Buyback and Largest E-Waste Collection Drive to encourage individuals to recycle their old electronics responsibly.

Empowering Sustainability: Buyback Program and E-Waste Initiative

Through the Buyback Program, customers have the opportunity to trade in their old electronics and appliances for upgrades, contributing to the reduction of e-waste accumulation in landfills. Partnering with Microsoft for an exclusive CTRL + S campaign, Sharaf DG incentivized device trade-ins to minimize environmental impact.

Transforming Retail: Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Sharaf DG’s e-waste program garnered massive collections nationwide, thanks to partnerships with Dubai Economy & Tourism, GEMS Group, Redington Group, and Baker Hughes. Aligned with the UAE’s vision of sustainability, the initiative aimed to collect 52 tons of e-waste, symbolizing the country’s 52 years of progress.

Driving Change: Efforts Towards a Greener Future

Beyond e-waste collection, Sharaf DG implemented various sustainable practices, such as going paperless, introducing eco-friendly bags, and upgrading stores with energy-efficient LED lights. These efforts reflect Sharaf DG’s commitment to fostering a greener tomorrow for generations to come.

Pioneering Sustainability

their dedication to sustainability has not only resulted in the collection of 100 tons of e-waste but has also sparked a movement towards environmental consciousness among businesses, families, and stakeholders.

As they continues their journey towards sustainability, it remains a beacon of hope for a greener, more sustainable future.

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