Experience the Vibrant ‘Waterfront Nights’ Market at Yas Bay Waterfront

Yas Bay

Celebrate Homegrown Talent: Waterfront Nights at Yas Bay.

Discover the vibrant atmosphere at the annual Ramadan Night Market, known as ‘Waterfront Nights’ at Yas Bay. Featuring a lineup of 20 local retail and F&B businesses, this event celebrates homegrown talent while supporting SMEs backed by Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development.

Luxurious fragrances at waterfront night

Immerse yourself in the luxury scents of IV Perfume, Sada Oud, and FAE Oud & Perfumes, offering exquisite Emirati incense and perfumes. Fashion enthusiasts can explore Manout Tailoring for custom clothing, crafted from handpicked quality fabrics. Elevate your space with custom handmade rugs from Rugzze, each telling a unique story through intricate patterns.

Unleash your creativity at RFLCT Creative Arts with engaging arts and crafts workshops. Explore a variety of other retail brands specializing in natural skincare, custom wood engraving, jewelry, and shoes.

waterfront night market

Indulge in authentic Emirati cuisine at Mallah and iconic Egyptian Koshary from Lazeez Koshary. Satisfy your sweet tooth with unique desserts from MB Dyayah and handcrafted chocolates from Murban.

The free-to-enter ‘Waterfront Nights’ market, located at the arena plaza in front of Etihad Arena, runs daily until Eid Al Fitr, from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am. Enjoy live performances by traditional qanun and oud players, and let children unleash their creativity at the designated craft corner. Don’t miss this enchanting Ramadan experience adorned with traditional decorations and captivating lights.

For more information on the activities at Yas Bay visit https://www.yasbay.ae/

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