The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys titled ‘Apple Distinguished School’

Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys
The school is known for innovative use of technology.

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys is recognised as an Apple Distinguished School. The school is recognised as a centre of education excellence, innovation, leadership, global reach and creativity.

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys (SZPAB) is known for its innovative use of technology, and school-wide culture focused on digital agility. With the use of advanced Apple technology, students are led into the world of creativity, deepen collaboration and make learning personal.

Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys

“This achievement is an added value that reinforces the educational strategy adopted by the academy in line with the highest international standards. Such a global recognition will help the academy be ranked amongst the most distinguished schools around the world which integrate information technology in the learning process, thus encouraging creativity in the school environment,” said Khadim Aldarei, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Group of Boys at SZPAB

To redefine learning, enacting the school’s vision to ‘Honor the Past and Educate for the Future, Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys ensures that innovation is at the core of its program.

The school’s culture allows experimentation, innovation and problem solving to flourish. Students and teachers are changing the way children learn with innovative uses of technology. Apple technology has helped create deeper learning experiences within lessons, transform learning spaces, and make learning more accessible for all students.

The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys is an award-winning blended American and Ministry of Education Arabic curriculum school. It engenders a deep understanding of the Emirati heritage and its place in the modern international world community.

The school develops role-models who understand their culture and traditions and are equipped with the skills to take on challenges and become tomorrow’s leaders.


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